Fake Marriage To Her Bodyguard

She’s his best friend’s sister. Off-limits for so many reasons. So why did he agree to a fake engagement that will make it impossible to keep his feelings for her a secret?

Shiloh Anderson is done with men who can’t spell “commitment.” She’d rather focus on opening her own business instead of wading back into the dating pool in hopes of meeting a unicorn of a man who won’t run the other way the moment things get serious.

But that was before someone starts stalking her.

Her brother plunks down a solution in the form of a fake engagement to his best friend, the one man he trusts to keep her safe. Suddenly she has a pretend fiancé who’s treating her like his cherished bride. It’s all an act. Right? Except someone needs to explain to her lonely, commitment-starved heart that none of this is real.